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Back to School Cyber Safety

A simple reminder of the danger, rules and responsibilities as it applies to children’s online world doesn’t only refresh this information in their minds, but goes towards instilling it.

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40th Anniversary of Email Marketing

May 1, 2018 is the 40th anniversary of email marketing. Here is a timeline of some of the biggest moments in email marketing history that illustrate how it has evolved.

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Integrate Social Media into Email Campaigns

By integrating social media with email marketing strategies, marketers have endless ways to get creative with their campaigns. Consider using these tips to integrate social media into email to strengthen and expand a campaign’s reach.

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Hackers Think Global, Act Local

Data breaches at large corporations make news, but hackers and thieves are increasingly focusing their work on small businesses. According to the annual Verizon Data Breach Incident Report, 58% of data breaches are happening to local mom-and-pop operations.

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