The team at Green Technology Services got together and raised money to provide some local families with a Holiday Meal. We purchased these from Lapps Dutch Market another local business located down the street from our office. We were able to provide meals to 10 local families! One family was a family that was quarantined due to COVID-19. We did a porch drop off and they were so grateful.

The already-prepared meals were delivered in time for Thanksgiving dinner and included everything needed for 8-10 people to enjoy, including desserts. Our office manager Gia also delivered a load of groceries to a family that didn’t have anything.

We recognize that many more of our neighbors are in need than under normal circumstances, so we are glad and blessed to be able to help when and where we can. We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!

Boxes with meals loaded in back of car

Groceries and meals in back of vehicle behind the driver

Office manager Gia carrying a dinner for delivery

Groceries placed on doorstep of family quarantined with Covid-19

Note that was included with the meals