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chat2We realize the piece of mind you get from making sure you have an effective and reliable way to communicate with your customers. Many businesses are now facing a decision of what to do with their legacy phone system or how to address the dynamic changes within their company in regards to voice, messaging and communications overall. These decisions are often put aside or delayed given the seemingly overwhelming amount of work and effort required to decipher the many options, costs and potential changes needed to make VoIP work.

Green Technology Services can remove this burden and manage the entire process of your next phone system. We have taken the time to understand the options while partnering with leading technology companies resulting in our ability to provide you the option that best serves your needs. We believe small and medium sized businesses should have all the capabilities and support of a larger enterprise without the cost and complexity. Allow us to provide choice – something we believe is important to small businesses and something we strive to provide you.



Our capabilities include various approaches in deploying your next phone system. Allow us to help you determine which one is right for you.

  • HOSTED VOIP – Fully redundant, scalable and flexible phone systems hosted in our secure datacenter and delivered to you as a service
  • PREMISE VOIP – Powerful feature-rich phone systems installed at your location while designed to meet your specific needs.
  • MOBILE VOIP – Integrated phone system for the remote and mobile workforce
  • VRAS – Virtual Receptionist as a Service (VRAS) allowing you to provide professional support of our customers wherever and whenever needed.


Green Technology Services is in the business of helping you focus on your core business. Allow us to remove the phone system and communications for your business from your plate and our commitment to you is simple:

  1. We will help you remove the burden of buying your next phone system
  2. We will design the right solution for your needs
  3. We will streamline and simply how you receive support

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