Real Estate Price Rates

This is a real-life case study of how Green Technology Services helped a real estate company control their spiraling costs.

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Project Details

Business: Real Estate
Location: Philadelphia Metro Area
Services: IT Management, Managed Services, VoIP Phone System


Our client was a real estate company that noticed a steady increase in their monthly IT rates without a change in service operation. Typically, an MSP notifies the client of rate changes and provides reasons behind the increases, all while describing additional services. In this case, the price was rising without any inclination to why. Without any proper reasoning which led to a worry that they were getting scammed, the client turned to GreenTech.


We assessed their current systems and analyzed their productivity along with the current state of their services. This encompassed their IT, VoIP, website, and hosting to see if there were any deficits. Once we had a clear understanding of what systems were in use, we provided an accurate estimate of MSP costs we could provide that mirrored or improved on the current solutions they used.


Our resulting estimate was so substantial that the client switched over to using our services and augmented their own systems with our integrated solutions. They saved an enormous amount of money due to the ongoing support we offered along with the more cost-effective solutions we provided. They no longer had to worry about prices rising without warning and could focus on growing their business and client base with exceptional technology backup.