Petrochemical Company

This is a real-life case study of how Green Technology Services helped a global supplier of petrochemicals recover data following the loss of their server.
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Project Details

Business: Petrochemical Industry
Location: Southern New Jersey
Services: IT Management, Networking, Managed Services

The company featured in this report is a worldwide leader in plastic resins, and one of the largest chemical and petrochemical companies in the world, with one location in southern New Jersey. To respect the privacy of those involved, the company shall remain anonymous. In this case study, the company shall furthermore be referred to as “Petrochem”.

Petrochem joined Green Technology’s growing client base in November of 2015. The agreement between the two companies ensures that Green Technology Services will be available for local emergency IT support to compliment the centrally located internal IT department for their Salem County location. Included in the agreement, Petrochem has 24/7 access to the professional services team at Green Technology Services. This dedicated team is comprised of professional, certified, and experienced experts who are well-versed in IT management, integration and documentation of IT services.

Following the tragic death of their local IT technician, Petrochem found themselves in a tight spot. When their server went down, they were left at a complete standstill. Without any backup solutions in place, the company was unable to retrieve data that was vital to their plant functioning as well as shipping their products.

It took Green Technology Services a total of four days of around-the-clock work that included forensic data retrieval and configurations. Finally, GreenTech was able to provide a new server to Petrochem, and successfully retrieved all of the data that was left on the old failed server.

As an existing client of Green Technology Services, Petrochem knew they had a lifesaver in our team of IT professionals, and you can have the same peace of mind for your business!