Pedricktown Tank Wash

This is a real-life case study of how Green Technology Services (GreenTech) provided Web Design & Hosting, Email Hosting, Surveillance EagleEye security cameras, and our PC EagleEye IT services to Pedricktown Tank Wash.

Pedricktown Tank Wash is a Salem County-based business specializing in cleaning transportation units for businesses in the area. As a thriving business, they realized they would have to add services to their business strategy in order to foster their continued growth. Pedricktown Tank Wash reached out to Green Technology Services because they knew they needed the assistance of a company that could help them meet these growing needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These needs included Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Surveillance EagleEye security cameras, and our PC EagleEye IT services.

IT Comparison
Pedricktown Tank Wash: No IT Team; Utilized family members who were unable to provide the necessary IT Skills.
Green Technology Services: The expertise of multiple skilled and certified IT team members.

“I’m happy to recommend Green Technology Services to any and all companies looking for IT services. I’ve never worked with a more enjoyable or knowledgeable group of professionals.” Brad Holmes, President – Pedricktown Tank Wash

PC EagleEye
At Green Technology Services, we understand computers are vital to successfully running a business. That’s why we ensure they continue to run smoothly for our clients. Pedricktown Tank Wash contracted us for IT services so they’d have the peace of mind that their computers would always be taken care of. That way, their focus could remain on maintaining a successful business.

Other services/amenities included in contract

  • 24/7 IT Support
  • On-Site Support
  • After Hours Emergency On-Site Support
  • Help Desk Services
  • Web Design and Maintenance
  • Information Technology Management Services
  • Network Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Security Patch Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • License Management
  • Antivirus Software
  • Day-to-day email platform management

Web Design and Hosting

Pedricktown Tank Wash approached GreenTech because they needed a website to entice prospects into using their services, while keeping current customers abreast about what is going on within the company. President, Brad Holmes was looking for an easily updatable website with a modern look and design that would help them serve new and old customers alike.

We created a website for them that could be updated on the fly, while also maintaining a stylish design to draw users in and make them want to contact Pedricktown Tank Wash for their tank cleaning needs.

Surveillance EagleEye
As a growing small business, Pedricktown Tank Wash noticed a growing need to keep their facility secure. Our Surveillance EagleEye service (SEE) is a secure, off-site and independent way to ensure all CCTV equipment is running around the clock. To fit the needs of Pedricktown Tank Wash, we installed analog cameras throughout the premises, ensuring they would be able to monitor their facilities during and after normal business hours.

Email Hosting
In order to professionally communicate with clients via email, Pedricktown Tank Wash contacted Green Technology Services to create and host email accounts for its employees. With our email hosting, we created an email platform so Pedricktown Tank Wash employees could correspond with customers without using their personal accounts.

Website Before & After

Project Details

Company: Pedricktown Tank Wash
Location: Pedricktown, NJ
Services: Web Design & Hosting, Email Hosting, PC EagleEye, Surveillance EagleEye

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